“Tik-Tok”…  The biological clock follows its rhythm second by second…

Our senses hardly restart the process of working. The first one is the touch. Groping through semidarkness, urged by the impulse of putting an end to the time alarm, you are most likely to wake up because of the noise made by your clock/mobile/smartphone when it hits the floor. The next one : the sight. Through your eyebrows you can vaguely descry shades of lights animating an abstract image. From this moment on, everybody follows their own routine, social interactions, physical and intellectual activities, organized according to their particular degree of triviality.

But what happens to the “inner- routine” ?

External factors manage to leak into “Iron Man’s armour” (as most of us prefer to consider to have) and somehow affect our biological clock which is responsible for the biochemical, physiological and behavioral adaptation of our organism.

Autumn brings to general attention ” The Prom for weather-sensitive persons ” of those who anticipate climate instability by rheumatic pain, migraines, high blood pressure caused by sharp differences in temperature and atmospheric pressure deviations. According to the study conducted by the World Health Organization, section „Miss” of the ball would have a better chance of success because women are the most affected by climate fads (at 70%). This transition period also affects our mental side, resulting affective and sleep disorder, decreased concentration, lack of energy, sadness, depression or anxiety.

All these are parts of a momentary state that fades away as soon as the body becomes to  adapt to the new conditions, but  it,firstly, places you in the Bacovian urban space dominated by a heavy canopy of lead that can choke fragile nervous system. Escape is not a highway to „Lonelysville” but, precisely, confronting the vagaries of weather with steams of lemon or mint tea that you enjoy before you plunge into reading a gripping novel, left on the nightstand,where once the alarm clock used to be.

Universe can be cold and tasteless, but the sun will always burn.


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