Valentino Spring/Summer Collection 2013

Valentino, the Italian fashion brand brings us the fresh breeze of a sweet-scented painting, enshrouding the Spring and Summer with diaphane fabrics.The key word for the new marvelous collection is definitely  “Exquisiteness ” .

The tender and almost liquid fabrics,lace, leather, the billowing textures, the royal shades of dresses, the warm range of colors, the nude,the intensity of red and  black are elements that emphasize the profile of an elegant lady. But what impresses me most is the subtility and plainness of the style that spotlights the purity of face expression, stature and hairstyle. Models seem characters of the Renaissance animated by Vivaldi’s classical rhythms.

Emilio PucciGiambattista ValliAlberta Ferretti .

It seems that Italian designers have a proclivity towards delicacy, succeeding in tracing a flowing silhouette and so, representing the woman as a mystic jewel by adding a romantic touch to their collections. All the looks appear fluid.

“I felt the need to create a collection of pieces with which women can move freely, light, flowing. “ said Alberta Ferretti.

I personally fall in love over and over again with every collection signed by Valentino and I dream of becoming one of its character wearing a gorgeous dress.

Enjoy !


Heartfelt thanksPier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri


Full collection http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/S2013RTW-VALENTIN


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